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MIDI Problems on Reason 4

I know the basics of this program. I got tired of having to use my mouse to make notes on a keyboard.

I have a Casio CTK-593

It's a basic keyboard, but it has MIDI IN and MIDI OUT.
When i was learning Reason 4 i watched a few video tutorials and they all had a keyboard connected to the program through MIDI.
Since i already had the keyboard i thought id buy the MIDI cable.

I looked around and thought "USB to MIDI" sounded good.
So i searched on eBay and bought one for $15.
It came yesterday and so far i've had no luck with it.

I connected the MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN and the MIDI IN to the MIDI OUT (like your supposed to)
Then I plugged the USB into my computer. Lights came on.
My computer recognized it and installed the driver for it.

I open Reason 4 and nothing is showing up in the MIDI section on options.
I downloaded a couple of free MIDI programs and they didn't seem to pick it up either.

I don't think its the cable because when i hit a note or play something on the keyboard the light flashes the exact time as when i hit a key.

Can anyone help me with this problem?