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John Brown-"Keg Party" My entry to his remix contest.

This is our entry to Mr.Ghetto Revivalist,John Brown
You may know him from Vh-1's White Rapper Show.
He's holding a remix contest for his latest "Keg Party" This is our entry,All done using reason 3.0,We took his acapella,input it into the NN-XT sampler & made the beat around it.
There may still be time left,we found out about it on friday,he wanted to end it this weekend,so go to his link if you'd like to enter as well,mail him & he'll send you the acapella.
Check out our remixes all made using Reason 3.0 & all FREE to download,go to our zorpia page to get our full remixes.
In order to download from our zorpia page,you must go to the "COMMENTS" part of the song (To the right of the download button) One there,the download is to the far right of the artists picture.

We hope you enjoy!