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Convert CV Connections to automation

I know you might be scratching your head, but hopefully this makes sense.

Let's say you connect a subtractor LFO 1 to the panning of channel 1 on a mixer. How about a way to convert that connection to the channel 1 pan automation lane in the sequencer (just as you can convert notes from a matrix to a note lane in the sequencer). The software would analyze the cv connection, as well as the trim knob, and come up with automation which replicates this connection.

So basically, you connect the CV routing, click "convert to automation lane" and the CV is converted to automation data in the sequencer. Then you can delete the routing, as it's not needed anymore.

The automation lane would take over for the CV routing and operate just as it did as if it were routed, except that it's now controlled by the automation lane, and you can in essence "See" your CV routing on-screen, edit the automation, fine tune it, etc.

It may not work for every circumstance, but it seems like it would make sense. I would think this would be a huge improvement and get around a lot of CV issues, such as not being able to automate the trim knobs, and being able to edit the automation afterwards.

Any thoughts?