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9 FREE PZP Refills to download.

Hey all, i just uploaded a couple more FREE Refills, so i thought i should make a list of all the free and DEMO Refills if you want to download them....

There is about 2000 free patches to play with all up, so i'm sure you'll find something interesting to mess with.

PZP Reason 4 DEMO Refill.


PZP R4 Synths DEMO

PZP Reason 3 Refill (1600 Patches)

PZP FREE Keys Refill

PZP FREE Pads Refill

PZP FREE Seqs Refill

PZP FREE Trance Leads Refill

PZP FREE Whups Refill

There ya go..

Have fun.

For more information, check the website..