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Lightbulb Vertical scaling of automation

Hi there!

I would like to see automation scalable in a vertical manner (as automation is scalable in a horizontal manner eg. tempo 50% or 200%), since my *.rns file is one hour long and I want to control the pitch of the whole song by semitones in a 4 octave range and not just 2 octave range that is possible now (by using "pitch cv modulation jack" at the backpanel of a combinator, front panel pitch values 0 to 8191).

If I would like to configure my reason-rack to play in a 4 octave range simply by playing a midi-note I would have to manually calculate the new vector-values of the pitch automations (that make up large parts of the songs) this way: How many times a lesser "bend range value" fits in a higher "pitch bend range" value eg. "pitch bend range"-values of 24 and 4 equals the number 6, which means that 2048 produce same pitch in a "bend range value setting of 4" as 341.333... does in a "bend range value setting of 24".

This "341.333..." brings me to another question, do the "cv pitch modulation jack" at the backpanel of combinator register values with decimals? It appears to me that is does not, since the number "341.333..." in a "bend range setting of 24" produces an noticeable difference in pitch compared to the number 2048 in a "bend range setting of 4" even though I think they should produce the same pitch. This 341.333... value at the frontpanel of eg. "Thor inside a combinator" appears as the value 341 at the pitch wheel automation tool tip. These statements might as well be wrong but if anyone encounters same issues you can report any problems.