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MIDI and real values for parameters

One of the features that I would most like to see is the ability to see "both" values for parameters in the instruments. What I mean is, most instruments from before version 4 showed values only as its MIDI value, 0-127. Thor shows a number of values in its module as Hz, time, and decibels.

What I'd like to see is a combination of those two things for any applicable instrument and parameter, where I can know what the value is for any parameter as 0 to 127, -64 to 63, -8192 to 8191 (for pitch bend), and any other scale parameters use »as well as« the same parameter's value in Hz (i.e. any filters), decibels (i.e. filter resonance), time, cents (for pitch bend), and every/anything else that could be applicable. This would be great as well if the relevant scale could be patched through to mod wheels, combinator rotaries, and things like that.