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Anyone using a guitar synth to control Reason?

Hello everyone. Newbie here, though I have dabbled in Reason for the past couple of years starting with 2.5. I'm on 3.0 right now, and may or may not upgrade to 4.0 if and when I upgrade my laptop as well. For now, I'm happy with my setup.

Anyway, I got into guitar synthesis about a year ago and I've been using the onboard sounds of my Roland GR-33 guitar synth with my Godin LGX-SA guitar. I'm a little tired of those internal sounds, and naturally want to see if I can create and control Reason's tones using my guitar synth especially live. In addition, I also recently bought the Axon AX50, which is supposed to have the best tracking available as well as the ability to split your guitar into zones for assigning different sounds to either strings, frets, or even touch sensitivity. Pretty cool.

Long story short: I have not been able to get either the GR-33 or the Axon to talk to Reason. When I use the Gr-33 to Reason, I'm running it through a Midisport 2x2, and when I use the Axon I use it's USB out, which also functions as midi in/out. Both units have no problem controlling hardware synths, but in Reason I'm not hearing any sound when I play the guitar and midi information doesn't seem to be getting through either, since there isn't even midi info recorded in the sequencer. I am, however, able to control a sound module's volume fader up and down when I turn my guitar's volume knob on and off, so some info's getting through. Very strange.

Any suggestions? Is there a specific way I need to set up the GR-33 or Axon in the preferences control devices section? (right now it's set up as "other" midi controller, since I don't know how else to categorize these pitch to midi guitar synth converters). Is there a section in Reason where I specify the specific midi channel to receive/transmit on? Note that I also use an Oxygen 8 midi keyboard controller and I don't recall having to assign a specific midi channel to the Oxygen/Reason when I first set that up, since it was very plug and go.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.