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Reasonstation. It doesn't get much traffic anymore (it used to be a torrential downpour of content, hate, views, and reviews and haxor jokes and very cool links you won't find anywhere else), but if you do get a review, it's more likely to be a high quality review. They are very much into reviewing content substantively.

I don't have so much time anymore to do all this and I haven't been there in a while but the peeps over at em411 are definitely a solid bunch that bother to listen and give good reviews.

KVR ( is one of the biggest- not much into Reason at all, but only the end result music counts, right? I haven't looked much and don't know how they do reviews.

It can be hard to get your neck above ground anywhere to get input. Makes you jealous of those that get tons of banal nothing comments but oh well life's a beach...

And of course there is all the MUCH more popular "broadband" outlets of myspace, facepage, replicaville, tubezoo, etc... not very likely to get a review worth reading around those parts imo...

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