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The problem is not being able to select genres in the new forum.
There's no point on my commenting on rap music - I don't understand it.
But I can't see what type of music someone's asking about in the new forum so I'm wasting my time even going there now.
Prop's pretty much killed that forum for me.

Soundclick ( is pretty good to give you an indication of appreciation .
As folks listen to your songs, they gain chart positions and drop when they're not being listened to.
Trouble is getting a critique - just doesn't happen and it isn't really for that anyway.
Can take a while to get established enough there for people to subscribe and listen to your stuff regularly.
Myspace ( is similar; still without the critique, but also no means of appreciation.
Unless someone cares enough to spare their time and comment but then it's usually to puff you up.
Not exactly critique.

Hope this helps.

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