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ditto on the rap hiphop, I just can't begin to understand it all even a bit, though I've heard powerful numbers occasionally that moved me.

I've heard your music before, and liked it so much. I'm listening to the full page now. Like listening to so many others, I'm in awe of your powers. I still long for the day that I make that "breakthrough" and can make the really complicated music I know I should be able to. I can make the feeling and the power, but its so horribly simple compared to yours and others, you all put sooo much work into your visions. I'd have to admit that some of your more evolved and complicated works get a little brain tiring a bit (sorry, hate to diss such fine work, but ya know music is supposed to please, and I'm only talking about like two songs, the rest I can't get enough of). Some of your simpler forays into other realms are very pleasing. Very. Excellent, outstanding work. Some 9.9's in there, and I reserve that for only the best. Something tells me, in other realms, you have made 10's before. Again, a pleasure to hear such competent work and to know ya and your finely preened bushy tail. Aah, and now you are taking me on a Jethro Tull trip...delicious- a 10! Don't know how many times I've seen them, a dozen or more, and always a huge band playing such complicted music in perfection. Like FZ's shows, Tommy Mars and George Duke, what masters of the keys. And Ruth Underwood, impossible skills. So many incredible musos I've been priveliged to witness.

But your comments made me go check my stats. Haven't done that in years. Wow! I done pretty good! Can't understand that With Jen hasn't done better, or As Tested or the Zappa thingee.

Have you heard Spock's Beard? So awesome! That's just great! Only wish the lyrics were more powerful, or towards the reverse, more compelling and poetic, like Jon Anderson - wise. But it's really cool that people like you and them and Progtronic are still making very fine, top level art rock and that uses todays' programming powers with such flourish and even wild abandon really not possible to be performed.