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improved Reason Clips, Clip Browser, Clip Matrix

Reason & Ableton Live!

Well, I love these two pieces of software and I think Ableton Live is a perfect Rewire host for Reason. So why not make Reason a bit more Ableton Live-like. So here are my suggestions:

1. Expand the clip format introduced with Reason 4: it would be great to save midifiles and the according devices as one Reason clip. Then integrate a clip browser within the tools window. You could now drag and drop the Reason clips into the sequencer window which creates a device track with one or more lanes containing the midi data as well as the device in the rack. That would be pretty similar to Ableton Live clips.

Just imagine what possibilities you obtain with that: saving midi sequences and also automation data project-independently. Now give Reason a master tune function and with that the ability to easily change and adapt the pitch if the Reason clips.

But you could also go one step further than Ableton Live due to the intergrated concept of Reason: dragging an dropping a Reason clip creates a device track and the device itself. The browser should of course feature a pre-listen function. Ok, if you like what you hear but would also like to tweak the sound you can easily do that with the browser concept as it is now since Reason 3: browse for a different sound without having to stop the playback. But what about if you like the sound but would love to change the melody itself. So the concept should be to drag and drop a Reason clip and then to browse and pre-listen different clips preserving the sound of the original clip during playback. That means to make sound and midi information independent within these new Reason clips.

2. As Regroove is such a strong feature in Reason 4 and as there is no groove-quantize feature in Ableton Live I still love to do midi-sequencing in Reason. So why not expand the new sequencer of Reason 4 (which was IMHO brilliantly done) with a clip matrix function that works pretty much the same as the session view in Ableton Live? You could now do all the midi sequencing within Reason and have a perfect project synchronisation when rewiring to Live.

3. File drag and drop. Ok, that's just a bit revolutionary. I never liked midi export by saving a file to desktop (soloing or muting tracks) and then importing it within another host software. Now, if you go for the clip concept as described above, it would be easy to integrate drag and drop of the midi content that lies within the Reason clips. Of course dragging and dropping must be supported by the host software to make it work the way it's meant to work.

The revolutionary part is: audiofile drag and drop into Reason. What about if dragging an audiofile to Reason creates a sampler device (i.e. dr.rex or nn-xt; one could choose the default device for that action) and Reason converts the audiofile automatically in the background in to a .rex file that is loaded into one of these samplers.

As Recycle should not become needless it should only be a very simple Recycle algorithm with only a few slicing options (like a Recycle light function). And as Reason should not become an audio sequencer you should limit the length of the audiofile to only a few bars or seconds (up to one minute maybe).

But that concept would make a lot of work so much easier with Reason. And Live & Reason would become a dream team that works in perfect sync, supporting drag and drop of midi and audio files to each other.

Ok, you guys, tell me what you think of it

Kind regrads