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Access Denied - device denied access

Trouble when switching computer

I just bought a new laptop (HP Compaq Win Vista 2GB RAM) and installed Reason 4, and put all my samples and reasonfiles on it from my old computer.
I have tested this before two weeks ago on another laptop (also HP Compaq Win Vista 2GB RAM) and it worked perfect (the only thing I had to do was to help the computer find some of the samples). But this time it doesn't...

With almost all my reasonfiles I have great problems with Opening, Saving, Copying and Pasting.

The only thing I can do to open a file is by clicking on it, I can't open the file from Reason. This is the only way to get into the file, by clicking on it. But this is not the big problem. This is:

Now when I have opened a file I can work in it and listen to it, but I can't Save it.

And I can't copy or paste any device or part of the song to a new document (new documents I can still save though...) to save it from the new document as a remake/copy of the song I can't save.

Every time I try to do any of this this message pops up:

"Access Denied

The Operation could not be completed because the device denied access."

... and the only thing to do is to click on the OK-button.

I have read some about it on the internet but it is only people with mac who's got the same problem when they are moving files between computers, and they doesn't have any solution.

What am I gonna do about it? Is this going to be like this every time I switch computer???

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