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Your Top 5 Feature Suggestions?!!!

So what are your Top 5 Feature Suggestions?

I've seen alot of great suggestions recently, some I hadn't thought of or seen before. But I was hoping we could make it easier on Propheads to view what it's users valued most in the next upgrade.


1. Multi-Effect w/Modulation Matrix (much credit Exode)
2. Dr. Rex/Recycle intergration into Reason w/improved sample editing and Timestretch. (see recent Eshefer thread).
3. Redrum Upgrade! 16 channels w/all existing channel features on each channel. Add reverse sample, adjust start of sample and 32 or 64 steps to sequencer (maybe detachable step sequencer).
4. NN-XT visual Wave editing. This could include Dr. Rex & Redrum, but would be most effective for NN-XT!
5. Random Thor/Subractor/Malstrom Patch Creation. (Thanks Chriskaos, great idea!)