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Forum Search... and a better Reverb unit...

Maybe I'm blind, but I wanted to see if anybody has asked for a better reverb. I tried searching with the search box up at the top right of the page but that searches the whole site. I want to be able to search the forums separately.

And it would be nice if this search box, or link, was right underneath the main Forum divider eg:

General forum Feature suggestions Music forum User forum


As for the Reverb request, I find that the RV7000 is getting a bit old and stale in comparison to something like Space Designer in Logic. I know there are better reverbs than Space Designer out there, but then you're talking lots more money too.

So, if possible, a nice new convolution reverb would be great.

Or maybe a high quality setting on the RV7000 and new algorithm models to choose from?

I realize that reverbs are CPU hogs... but used properly, the quality of the sound goes up dramatically with the nicer reverbs.