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Adam Fielding - The Fall

Hi all,

Looks like the synthpop bug has struck again :] This track kind of started off as an excuse to waste a fair amount of time tinkering with drums instead of doing actual university work (oops). The good news is that I am somehow still on top of most of my work.

There are a few places you can check out the track (called "The Fall" - probably should have mentioned that). If you have a decent connection, the highest quality version is on my Facebook page -

The reason being that Facebook seems to be one of very few sites that doesn't transcode files for streaming - so the 192kbps stream is there. Might not work on everyone's connection, though. If you're having problems, you can use one of these links:-

No downloadable version, I'm afraid - I wanted to share it, but I want to keep my options open with regards to what I do with it.

I'd love to know what you make of it; it's my first completed song using my bassline swag (woop) so I'd be interested to know how it sounds to you.

And... of course, bar the recorded vocals, it's all Reason :]