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Problem with M-class Compressor in Reason 4


I recenty tried Reason 4 and loaded one of my older tracks and found that the Compressor doesn't compress the signal properly because now when I look at the level meters on the mixer they are in the red. Then I tried a new song and found that the compressor doesn't limit the signal to 0db like it did in Reason 3. Any body come into this as well in Reason 4, and is there a fix. So in other words the compressor is not working like it should.

Well here is how to recreate what I am doing.

1. Open up a new song in Reason 4 and create an NN-XT and load up maybe a 808 Kick Drum.
2. Add an M-Class Equalizer and boost up the bass all the way.
3. Add an M-Class Compressor. Set the threshold to 0db, set the ratio to infintie (this should limit the signal).
4. Set the mixer channel so that it is not peaking into the red. Then boost up the input gain on the compressor and you will see the channel on the mixer go into the red. Now if you re-adjust the channel on the mixer to not peak into the red after this the volume is to low! (defeats the purpose!).
5. Now if you use the output gain the channel will go back into the red.

This is what I am talking about, this did not happen in Reason 3 and I used to depend on it for making a certain bassline sound.

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