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Improve the piano roll editor in 10 ways.

Reason piano roll editor can use some improvements,

1. Ability to draw notes without first creating a clip. Sonar allows this and creates the clip for you by giving it the length of the time span notes you create.

2. Either a paintbrush tool or make it easier to draw a long sequence of notes by simply dragging the mouse accross the piano roll. Live's draw tool works this way normally.

3. Note mute tool.

4. Note divide tool.

5. More comprehensive set of snap to grid tools. Live can go all the way down to 1/65536 notes. Sonar IMO has the best options, you can snap to tick values which allows you to create any note resolution you desire if you know your math. Sonar does a pretty good job of hiding this complexity for only users who need this stuff. Sonar also can change the behavior to move by snap settings or move to snap settings. Fruityloops even have snap to swing percentages.

6. Curve tools for drawing midi controllers and envelopes.

7. Drum map function for NNXT and NN19 samplers.

8. Step editor by using your midi keyboard to input notes in step time.

9. Better Zoom control. Live IMO is the king of piano roll zoom control by having an area were you can drag your mouse to zoom in or out and scroll the timeline.

10. Fold button. Quickly hide all unused notes and show only notes that were included in midi clip.