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Reason Adapted / Save , Open Files

Okay, I know Reason Adapted for Digidesign does not come with much support, but I think this is a pretty straightforward question. Is it possible to save my work at all in Reason Adapted and then re-open it? I am using 2.5 with Pro Tools through re-wire. I can successfully get it all to work together, but at the end of my session I save my Reason file (.rsb -- this is the only option) but cannot re-open it in Reason for Adapted. How else can I save my work for later? I can export MIDI to tracks in Pro Tools but how can I actually save work that I can build on in Reason? Am I missing something ?

I saved the .rsb using Reason Adapted , shouldn't I be able to open it with Reason Adapted?

THanks for any help.