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axiom 49, reason 4, and 64 bit OS? Help!

I am a computer consultant interested in doing some DAW stuff, as evidenced by my earlier post. I am informally working with a friend/client on setting up a small amateur DAW setup. I recommended that he go ahead and get Reason 4, and I recommended an M-Audio Axiom 49 to control it.

There are 2 computers involved - a Vista 64-bit computer and a Windows 7 64-bit computer.

I figured I should first get it running under Vista, because since both Vista and 7 use the same driver base, whatever I can get running under Vista 64 should work under Windows 7 64 bit.

But I'm stumped and stymied. When trying to run the Driver CD that came with the keyboard, the installer fails saying that the Operating System is not supported. Then I plugged in the USB cord from the keyboard to the computer, and it seems to auto-install just fine. As a double-check, I opened the Device Manager, and the driver is listed in it:

Under "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers":
USB Axiom 49
(Right click and Properties, and it says "this device is working properly.")

So all seems good. So I open Reason 4, and go into Preferences, Keyboards and Control Surfaces, and click on Auto Detect Surfaces.

Nothing. It's does not detect a blessed thing.

So I then click on Add, select M-Audio as the Manufacturer, and the Axiom 49 is not even listed as a choice under that.

Finally, I choose Other as the manufacturer, Midi Control Keyboard as the Model, and as the MIDI Input I select USB Axiom 49.

OK, now the keys work in Reason, but not most of the controls, such as the VITAL transport controls. (And by the way, I already set the preset 10 on the keyboard.)

My friend/client wants the keyboard to be FULLY functional - that's why I helped chose the M-Audio Axiom 49 in part, was the controls - especially the transport controls. Did I choose the wrong one? Is there a driver we can install that will work better than the auto-installed one? What do I have to do to get the keyboard *fully* functional - especially including the transport controls - with Reason 4 in 64 bit Windows Vista (and Windows 7)?

This has been a major speed bump that I did not expect, and help with getting my friend/client back to business would be greatly appreciated.