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Ideas & Feature Requests for Reason 5


I have been a long time user of Reason. Reason has helped me learn about signal flow in a studio. The RV7000 is my favourite reverb out of all those I've demoed and the Malstrom is my favourite synth ever!

I'd like to contribute a few ideas for Reason 5. I realise that some ideas may not make it into the next version. Sadly, I must admit to beginning to think about migrating to alternative audio solutions, specifically due to the lack of user requested updates to the old devices. The digital audio apps industry has come leaps and bounds over the last few years, but at the same time, ignoring user demands only leaves punters voting with their feet...

I realise I may sound pushy or irrate? I simply want to see a better product that reflects the needs of the users, instead of products like Pro Tools or Cubase which began to lose their market dominance due to convoluted workflows and lack of implementation of user feature requests. On the flip side, Reaper seems to be winning a lot of new users due specifically to its fast revision & bug fix cycles!


Ideas for new devices:

New Filter device

  • A new filter device that combines all the filters from the existing units. While it is already possible to route audio through both the Malstrom and Thor, the process is unnecessarily convoluted. As work flow speed is a consideration for many people, this will help speed things up when building custom Combinators etc.
  • The device would probably need to be a full rack width unit, and possibly have a drop down section like the RV7000.
  • Maintain the X/Y tracking control from the Thor
  • Include all the filter types found in Reasons existing units
  • Have an on-board ADSR for when it is Combined in a Combinator
  • Include LFO modulators like those found on the Malstrom, complete with one shot modes and invertible CV
  • CV inputs for the filter cut off and resonance.
  • True frequency readouts in hertz as opposed to midi values 0-127

Granular time-stretching & pitch-shifting effect. A simple effect can be built with the NN-19, why not create a unit that does this to live audio inputs?

New LFO device with user drawable LFO shapes

New Sampler

  • Fully automatable controls
  • Waveform view, allowing sample start and looping points to be moved directly on the waveform window

New Rex creator/player.


Improvements on old devices:


  • Reverse button for each channel


  • More Combinator controls. 8 rotaries and 8 buttons, possibly contained in a drop down section a la RV7000.
  • Selectable modes for the rotaries, allowing them to go from -63 - +64 as well as the current 0 – 127.
  • Selectable modes for the buttons. It would be useful to have 'flick switch' buttons. Ones that only stay on until the mouse/midi control is let go again. This would allow for more creative live applications of the Combinator.
  • Allow CV trim pots to be assigned to the Combinator front panel controls, complete with minimum & maximum range
  • Assignable controls for the Matrix device
  • Assignable controls for the 'advanced' controls in the NN-XT device


  • You know what's coming. User waveforms in the oscillators. I know this is possible as the free VST Atlantis, available from , does it with ease.
  • More Modulator shapes. (Or similar to Atlantis VST again, user waveforms that can be used as Modulator shapes)
  • Automatable oscillator waveshape changes, either directly in the sequencer, or in Combinators.


  • Automatable 'advanced' controls.
  • Assignable 'advanced' controls in the Combinator


  • An updated 'sample start' control that allows for longer sample lengths.


  • A new, more logical layout. For example: Why are the amp env ADSRs not next to the oscillators? Why are the LFO's not next to each other? Why aren't the filter env ADSRs next to each other or the filters? Why aren't the filters stacked like the oscillators?
  • Even if a new layout would take marginally more screen space, the work flow improvement and ease of use for beginners would be a great advantage. To be honest, the new chorus and delay sections are unnecessary as these effects can be added as a insert or send using the existing rack devices. They take up space that could be used to make the synth portion of Thor more accessible.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ideas.


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