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VST and AU plugins for Propellerhead RECORD

Suggested Feature For RECORD

I am a crazy Fan of propellerhead Reason and i am glad to hear about the latest new product called RECORD.
Propellerhead is about to break into the music industry with the idea of this product called RECORD (as for me, i call it REASONABLE) and to do this i suggest Propellerhead take into account by adding features listed below:

1. Integrating or enabling the use of VST and AU plugins.
2. Routing or enabling the use of Hardware Sound Modules without the need of rewiring to other DAW.
3. Mixing and Mastering (like in Reason 4.0) which will also include their Templates (Optional).
4. Exporting audio as MP3..

If all this can be added i believe that it will be of a great relief to all.
Please, if you support the idea kindly post your comment to share more views join me in the campaign VST and AU plugins for Propellerhead RECORD!!!

Thank you.

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