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Talking MIDI Out / Multi-Out Audio Cards


Suport for multi-out audio cards via ADAT get into that great SSL mixer...

MIDI out for the use of hardware keyboards / Receptor - VST

The use of VST'i would be good but maybe Props don't want to run the risk of compatibility problems / unstable PC's etc......????? - But with Receptor everything must be more stable???-

Either way the MIDI out side of things can't be ignored can they??? - And the ability to use VST instruments even if it is only with receptor or equivalent - This can't be ignored either can it - If this record can do it all alot more people will buy it - MIDI and audio.............

Props software is well known for being stable and if this can be achieved with MIDI out and Receptor for VSTi or just plain VSTi support from within Record then this is what a lot of people have been asking for for a long time.....

Sorry for whittering on but you get the idea.......