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Exclamation why not a real Notation editor/device in Record??

please, would you create some notation editor as an alternative to a piano roll??

I'm a long fan of propellerhead products... just because I like its' modular idea on
a computer and all that patchin' is just fun! Sounds great if treated the right way, smartly... I dealt with a Reason as another instrument with its' specific sound (compare to the other instruments - even the real hardware)

We live in digital domain and less and less of us touch the analog grounds, however, we are learning what makes analog gear sound so good and render it digitally.
More power to you guys, walking this path!

However, I believe that it is a bit shame to ignore the most sophisticated system of writing music that is called Notation - Scoring. I was scared of it for years, but the truth is - it is very simple to learn and endlessly powerful to use.
Just as it contains many information on a small condensed space. It's a language as any other. ..

From a day when I wrote down a first middle C on a staff paper, I've realized how silly we are trying to ignore this powerful and logical, timeless science of capturing/writing music. Please, please - just put it there, would you?
You don't have to say the reasons why not... question is .. why Still not??

No-one tried to design the Notation editor the way it'd look great, appealing to young people, but I assure you that if you look into the old types of notation - it looks like from some sci-fi movie. Notation heads are not oval,but have rectangular, triangle, square shapes, the Bass/cleff keys looked like tribal tatoos... it's just crazy... Why not to implement a SCORE EDITOR WHERE ONE CAN CHANGE ITS' SKINS, INPUT NOTES, COLOR SCHEMES...etc... Idea is that you may implement it as part of a sequencer but also maybe just create a Score device, where one can program patterns with notation and patch it to the hardware devices... then guys, you'd be a step ahead.. Gapping it. really. Cheers from Parkside, B'klyn.