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Record technology features in Reason 5

I hope that Reason 5 also supports multi-column rack, non-fixed window width and the dynamic zoom "mini-map" of the rack, when it comes out.

I also hope that the new time-stretch technology implemented in Record as a global seamless feature finds its way into Reason 5, as a new feature of NN19 and/or NN-XT or even as a new Thor-equivalent SuperSampler (with internal sampling automation for in-rack audio manipulation).

This would finally take care of the non-REX audio fixed-time pitch-shifting as well as the fixed-pitch time-stretching sample playing and manipulation

Record can be seen as the "audio in/recording" upgrade to Reason.

In this line of thought, I hope something as simple as Record will also come in the future to take care of the other issues: MIDI-OUT and VST and also act as an upgrade to Record+Reason giving users the choice of what features they want in a "reason-like" framework.

If Record can use Reason as a device library, when present, this other 3rd product would implement a more open rack, capable of dealing with Reason/Record devices as well as external plug-ins like VST/Rewire.
The sequencer part would also support audio when in presence of Record installed.

If no Record nor Reason were present, then it would simply be a Reason-like rack supporting Combinator-like VST/Rewire wrappers with Live Audio IN/OUT and MIDI IN/OUT

This would bring the simplicity of Record to people only needing a VST rack with a Reason-like sequencer for MIDI-OUT, without the complexity of a full DAW.

I agree with the usual pro-Reason closed-solution argument that it would be impossible to have such a complex rack configuration, with so many device instances in a solution that would use VSTs. But, the truth is that, an hybrid solution already is used today through out the world of music production, using a full DAW with Rewired Reason. So... people that use this, already have to deal with CPU/RAM resources when using VST's together with the well behaved Rewired Reason-rack., this only shows that there's still a niche problem in need of a niche (and clever?) solution. Thus, suggesting this 3rd Record-like future app to take care of the other 2 traditional issues against Reason, since Audio-in/recording is now down for good

And speaking of the future, as Record 1.0 gave MIDI-like tempo-freedom to audio and acoustic musicians, I really hope Propellerhead Software keeps wearing their high-tech innovation hat and bring MIDI-like pitch-manipulation to audio in Record 2.0


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