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Request: Reason sequencer tracks reflect device order in rack automatically

I think it would be nice to have a toggle option in the prefs to have the device tracks in the sequencer automatically reflect their position in the rack.. ie. a device at the very top of the rack will have the topmost track, device right below has next track, and so on. This would be best as a toggle to allow for users who don't want this not to have it of course.

So many times have I added a device at the bottom of my rack only to realize later that I have to hunt down the sequencer track and manually move it to the bottom, as it had been added underneath my last selected sequencer track. This is most troublesome if the device has been deselected in the sequencer, and usually it only occurs when I'm using a Matrix to trigger the device (happens often), so I didn't hunt down the sequencer track immediately after its creation. My sequences get quite large and hard to read on this 17" HD screen.

If this feature were to be implemented, I think it would be preferable if it only affected devices you move after this option was turned on, so you can work with it on, then turn it off to move a device you for some reason want in an "out of order" location in the sequencer, then turn it on again- as long as you don't move that device it will remain out of order as long as you want it to. Also it would be nice to have a button that just "cleans up" the sequencer window to correspond to device positions in the rack.

I dunno if a similar feature exists currently, and if there is such a thing feel free to chastise me for not reading the whole manual, but if it isn't there I'd like it pleeeeeease!

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