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Running Reason tracks through outboard gear

Hey guys, I have been using Reason for a while now and really love it from a compositional point of view but I'm somewhat annoyed with how digital and flat my tracks end up sounding. Maybe I suck at mixing but I also feel like the digital nature of the program is also somewhat to blame for my tracks sounding good..but not great. I'm a big fan of analog warmth if you can't tell... I've been thinking about mixing the tracks and then running the finished mixes through outboard gear like a stereo tube mic pre and a stereo tube compressor. Also perhaps mastering my tracks to analog tape. Is it worth the money to take Reason mixes out of the box and into a studio environment, as well as mastering them to tape? I am also thinking about using McDSP's Analog chanel plug in and the PSP Tube Warmer plug in too on my tracks to try and get them punchier and more lifelike. I'm on a tight budget but would be willing to throw down money to do it if I felt like it would really help out the overall sound of the mixes. Any feedback would be sweet. Thanks!