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Avatar One remix of Adam Fielding

Hey all,

Adam Fielding is releasing a single package for free within the next few weeks. He asked me to do a remix (along with Stompp and Ardent Al). I was so inspired by his awesome and raw vocal that I managed to complete the remix in one day. I love it when that happens, I think the best music is always made in a short space of time. There's nothing worse than labouring over a track for weeks...ugh.

Anyway, my remix is very different to the original, and for once it is neither breaks nor trance. The drums are Redrum and are entirely mine, the keys and electric piano sound are also Reason, as is the 'reverby' pad (they are Adam's originals, although I have cut them up, processed them differently and moved them around alot). The bass, bells and guitar are all Omnisphere, which I bought a couple of weeks back and I have to say it is awesome (and waaaay more than a ROMpler).

For the time being you can listen to it in high quality stereo here:

I am sure that Adam will publicise the release of the package when it comes out, all the tracks are free, and both Stompp's remix and Adam's original are brilliant (I haven't heard the other remix yet).


P.S. Yes, I do have permission from Adam to post this
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