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2 new dubstep style tracks (constructive feedback welcome)

Hey guys, I've been gettin into the dubstep sound recently and have stared to move into making some of my own material in this style. These are the first two songs I made in this style.

The first titled "Bad Dream Dub" is a total reworking of an older song I had sitting around titled "Bad Dream Inc.", the older version just didn't come together in a way I was happy with but I liked the sounds I had used. So I created some new drum patterns, and some bass brought into a dubstep timing and his is the result.

The second one is actually the first dubstep style song I made, with a little help from some ambient scratching done by my little brother. It's titled "Submariner". I had had the sonar samples sitting around for a long time and always wanted to do something with them. With a little experimenting with a vocoder I created the wet sounds, and the track pretty much made itself from there. The turntables sound a little buried in the mix on the youtube posting, but I have since brought them up in the mix a little.

Check them out and enjoy