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in Reason 5.0: RPG-8 is fixed and upgraded for note patterns

RPG-8, to work as a truly useful MIDI-to-CV converter device needs to also output Gate/Velocity as PolyCV, like it does already with the Note CV output. This should really be fixed (for more on this, please read "oh great... RPG-8's Gate CV out isn't PolyCV " post)

RPG-8 should also have a Custom setting for the "Insert" section, besides the preset 4-2, 3-1, HI, LOW and OFF.

When I first saw a screenshot of the RPG-8, I thought the "screen" for the Pattern section was exactly that, a way to define note order sequence patterns, besides the available rhythmic patterns.

Oh, and by the way, RPG-8 patterns should be saved as .rpg patches.
This is really a "nice to have" request, since there's always the clever "save it as a Combinator patch" solution
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