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Lightbulb Locating Sounds for Reason

Hello To Everyone In The Propellerhead Community,

I would like to add a suggestion about Reason finding the sounds you use, should you get a new computer or put sounds on a new drive.

When I first started using Reason, I didnt have a problem with Reason finding sounds for a song when I upgraded my gear. I happened to realize that if I have all my sounds on the C: drive and it crashes, I would be stuck out. So, I put them on an external hard drive and when I go to load up one of my songs, I would have to go and find all the sounds which is very ugly, if I may say so.

I have Fruity Loops as well and I noticed that all you have to do when changing things around is just input the folder(s) in its folder location and no matter how many times you change the location of your sounds, as long as it is put in the folder location, it will always load up all your sounds for that song. Propellerheads should make a feature that will allow Reason to automatically find all of the sounds you use.

I absolutely love Reason. The Quality of the tracks you create on it are unmatched, in my belief. It's totally awesome.

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