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Linux edition in near future?

Is there a small possibility of having a Linux version of Reason?
Reason is closed tool for making music (except Rewire) so it would be cool to have Linux version too and don't have to care about compatibility with VST and any other kind of plugin tech. (you can easly drop the rewire support).
I really don't think that it's so difficult to make a linux version when you have already an OSX and Windows versions and the OS's are so different for programmers.
Come on, linux is more and more expanding market, it's looking better every day, it's more stable already, and it's free.
I think more people would have a dedicated Reason computer when don't have to spend a lot for expensive Apple computer's or Microsoft licenses and so on...
I remember the time when all major software company was doing all sort of professional software for Unix computers (remember Photoshop on SGI, AutoCAD on SGI, and so on...).
OSX is allready build on bsd unix variant which is technically not so different than linux, so what's stopping you?