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Reason to Record

Been checking out the record, Anyone know how to get a reason session into it. If I click on a reason session when in record, I get a souped up version of the reason session (mixer, bottom play/rec/tempo. area) and record up at same time How do I get the reason session into record so I have separate instruments on separate tracks? (guessing here, but would it be by using the reason interface channels out and then into record somehow as I do when I bring separate reason instruments into pro tools?

Also is there anyway to get a full display of the mixer at one time (without having to scroll up and down to see everything)?

And lastly, how do you folks like the record? Personally, so far I think it's ok... no biggy, but i do think it would improve work flow with reason once I get a handle on it. One interesting thing I've noticed, as I would write in reason (sounds good, no peaking on indicators) then get it into protools, still no peaking from reason instruments but I hear a faint distortion here and there. With record up, if I pull up a reason session (one that I had interface channels assigned to protools ,which got me into the record mixer, I noticed alot of peaking going on). So although records not really blowing me away, at this point, for the $150 it's worth it to me for the sake of metering.