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questions about drRex / sidechain effect

hi community!

today ive got some questions about drRex and sidechain effect.

about the drRex, what exactly does the amplitude do?
i am using it to get the beat louder but im sure amplitude its not just about loudness!? is it about "filling the drumloop in"???

my questions about the sidechain effect (lets take a sidechained pad for example) are:
most important thing about the sidechain effect using the m-class comp is the TRESHOLD. the TRESHOLD settles the amount of the effect the kickdrum is having on the pad, right"!? and a wide ATTACK and RELEASE give a more natural feeling to the sidechain effect, right!? a short ATTACK and RELEASE give a more "sharp-edged" feeling to it, right!?

am i on the right track???

(by the way, ive found a nice video how to set up a sidechained pad in reason, so if anyone wants to have it id be happy send it to ya via email. or is there any chance to upload a video onto this forum?)

thanks for your help!