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Thumbs down Are you interested in collaboration?

My online studio originally came to be from a couple of us who had like interest in music. And, thought we would try to do some online collaboration setting aside distances. And, the fact, that most of us would never have the chance to meet face to face. Believe me, it works out well, especially, if you live in the boondocks, where available resources are slim to none.

Anyway, we have been having fun at it for years now. But, the style, genre, and long term projects don't allow much for some of the things I really like to do, also.

I'm not advertising for members to my studio. although anyone is welcome. But, I would like to start putting together a group of like minded folks who would be interested in doing some Reason/Record collaboration. And, it could start right here. Maybe one of these days, I'll have enough interest to go ahead and set up additional boards in my studio for such projects.

The link below is a "simple" starting point for a collaboration effort. download it and add to, edit, and produce as you wish. We can share the results and work together to see what kind of great production we can come up with.

I am not in the market for any personal gain from this kind of project. It's all for the love of the music,

This piece contains patches found in the Reason4 default refill. No additional refills were used in this bed track, so anyone having Reason can have the same drawing board.

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