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Smile Audio Interface Suggestions >>>>Updated<<<<

Hello all,
I'm looking for input on what are the most popular audio interface devices being used out there.
I am considering a LINE 6 POD Studio UX2, but it seems "guitar centric" if such a word exists.
I am new to home audio recording and would definately consider myself an amatuer. Even so, I am generally very technically competent with computers. I would like to spend $100 - $300 for the device and wonder whether a USB or Firewire interface is better. I have both. I'll be recording a variety of instruments and vocals. One notable item is a set of Roland electronic drums with a midi interface.
Also, "I'm a PC"
I would be grateful for your input, even if it is only to list the device you use.
Thanks all.
Chief Minnechuk

>>>>UPDATE<<<< - 8/25/2009
Thanks to all who offered suggestions and insights in my quest for an Audio Interface. Just exploring your various suggestions gave me a real education.

Today I purchased an Alesis IO14 Audio Interface for $117.00 on ebay. Its got a Firewire Interface, MIDI, and a couple of inputs. It also has a slew of features that I don't yet fully understand. Unfortunately, it's not a unit that anyone suggested here in the forum. Instead, my choice is the fruit of the various avenues I explored as a result of your suggestions. I just hope it's not a piece of junk - someone tell me it's not junk.

Anyway... I appreciate all of your input. Quincy Jones... look out.
Thanks all.

Chief Minnechuk.

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