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I love you: Please improve audio quality

Love note

After years of waiting, I am forced to sacrifice Reason's sweet fast paced workflow for the superior audio quality offered by Logic, and others, even though their high powered synthesizers offer thousands of redundant, dated sounds.

Software developers: Please understand - I have loved the work you have done. I have appreciated the simple boundaries offered by your programs. They have forced me to grow, and they have given me untold hours of engagement. Time wasted? No.

Software developers: Please understand - I don't need new things. I need better sound quality. I have improved my signal paths with careful eqs and compression, but side by side, sound by sound, reason does not compare with the others. Reluctantly, I have agreed to stop finishing things in reason.

I build tracks up, massaging, tuning, loving, but yet hiding from my beloved reason that I will be exporting its midi to another program to finish the track. To another program that offers crisper, more detailed, more spatially separated synthesizer voicings, to another program that sounds better.

I love Reason, but it becomes more and more like the angry relative that doesn't really explain things that well to outsiders, and I'm approaching a time when I won't be inviting it around anymore.

Two suggestions, because I love you Reason:
First: improve whatever processes contribute to making sample playback, mixing, and synthesizer sounds sound more professional. I don't care about increasing the load on my cpu. Make it sound better. I hate apologizing to my friends about the basic differences between logic and reason.

The other: improve the Matrix pattern sequencer. Sequencing with the Matrix is like touching my girlfriends raw liquid sugar. It is so simple and powerful. But it can be improved. I want to develop patterns that are longer than 32 steps without toggling between pattern A1 and A2 and A3 and A4 and A5. I want to develop patterns that are taller than 13 notes without toggling through the 5 levels of octaves.
I could do this on the piano roll sequencer, but it's not that much fun. Expanding the Matrix or making a newer, larger rackmount matrix style sequencer with horizontally scrolling, vertically expandable viewing options would be the best thing you could ever do.

Unless you were to develop a VST that combined a higher fidelity version of your Subtractor synth with said expanded matrix components. Would I buy it? Absolutely.