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MIDI and Importing Audio Issues...

I've connected a MIDI cable from my digital piano's MIDI OUT into my audio interface's MIDI IN and made all the necessary changes in Reason with regards to it's MIDI and AUDIO options, but i still cant get this thing to sound! My audio interface works fine but it's not seeming to notice my digital piano plugged into it. Before i bought an audio interface i've been using a direct MIDI to USB interface, and that's worked fine (albeit with some latency issues), but i simply cant get a straight MIDI cable to work with my audio interface. Any help would be really appreciated.

Also, I've been recording guitar and vocals in a different program and importing them into Reason through ReDrum so that i can add synth/pad layers etc. Is there any better way of having them play in the background while i tinker in Reason? Furthermore is there any way of being able to play the guitar and vocal track(s) without always playing it from the very start. Hypothetically if i only wanted to add Reason effects halfway into a song, how would i go about doing that without having to listen from the start every time?