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Thumbs up My new album produced in reason!!!

Hey fellow Propellerheads. I am Jon West an artist/producer in Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm a huge reason fan and I do all my production exclusively in Reason. At one point I was all gung ho about having lots of VST's and plug ins but I found that I had too many tools and not enough time to learn them all. I decided that I would concentrate on using only reason and try to become an expert. While still not an expert, I've found that I can put together very good quality tracks using reason exclusively.

I produced my entire first album on reason. I hear some people that are skeptical about reason for hip hop but I'm living proof it's a great tool for any genre. Check out my album "I Got My Back" on I've also got videos up of me producing for a well known Carolina artist "Classic". He's a talented guy, I recently converted him to reason and he's basically where I was 2 years ago.

The point of this post is that many people complain about reason not being able to host vst's and plugins but if someone is creative and uses there refills, they can get great results out of reason. And now that record is coming out, the possibilies just increased.

~ Jon West

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