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Love our Enemies

k tried some new things in this one, there the ones with the stars

Do you like the verses or the chorus and bridge better?
How did you like the rapping on the bridge, does it fit?
How else can i make it better?

i read somewhere that people who use inventions are often the ones who come up with the idea to change them for the better, rather than the inventor or person who actually changes them, so im gonna try to let people guide me in this sense. Here is what imean :

Randomized Drums – ok but nothing great, easy to sing to
Echo effect at end - good
Delay on synth - ok
Make 8 different rifs, beats ect, take favorite one – seems to work good
Effects on vocals, reverb is good in some cases, sometimes distortion is too
Follow structures of other songs, ie verse chorus verse chorus bridge verse chorus
Drum and base song with sining – I seem to like this style
Melodies that have same timing repeated but vary in note pitch – worked pretty well
Trying to create what I hear in my head- works to some degree, easiest to do on drums
*Huming a melody over music before I decide to use it – this seemed to make it easier to sing a repeating vocal melody, for me it works best doing do, do instead of whistling or humming
*rating sections of song 1-10 keeping only high rated – seems to work out pretty well
*picking drums after make beat – works alright but a lot of kits don’t fit so you have to kinda make your own kit sometimes
*fade in/ out– works well, specially liked fadeout on 2nd of double chorus at end
*doubling vocals, record 2 separate tracks and have them play at the same time – works well in moderation
*mixing chords and melody – works pretty good
*Singing –
Practice energy by itself to see what gives energy to a song
Hold notes longer to prevent spoken wordish – works pretty good, more variety
*rap parts and sing others – awaiting answer
*picking drums before making beat – is alright, but custom drums are better usually
*Less monotony or repetitiveness to the passages- worked alright, not sure awaiting foobars response
Change up drums more often, *add 2 base lines
*Make a song, where you try to make the worst sounds, and see what makes it sound bad

Didn’t work:
Vocals to soft – work using compression and maximizer
Drums extended randomized – tried, got one good one but I think that was lucky, low odds of getting a good one, to much time and hard

Things to try:
compression on so low parts are audible
Try not fading out on vocals, perhaps work on breathing
How hard each note hits, mess with
Feel of music-
Beautiful maybe will fit my singin style
*coming up with an extended melody and bass progression
*say this is a good song in lyrics, see if it makes other people think that