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Controlling the main mixer with alphatrack

When using the Alphatrack in record the default function for the fader on an audio channel is the level in the main mixer for that channel. This i very logical and nice to me... however if I press the track +/- buttons and end up on a combinator track the main fader of the alpha track suddenly controls "rotary 1" instead wich is mainly not what i want.. ..i gues this might be a Reason backwards compatibility issue or something..when i read the manual i see that there is a concept of "remote base channel" but i have not been smart enough to find a way to make my alphatrack always control the mixer fader ... what i would like to see is a way to lock my alpha track to the "current devices mixer strip" so when i jump between the devices the alpha track always is the corresponding strip in the main mixer whilst my master keyboard with its controls does the tweaking of the actual device controls.

Alternatively I could settle for the more simple (and propably much more doable) feature of a possibility to just lock the alpha track to the main mixer and switch channels with any one of the keys on it independantly of the master keyboard (like it is in the 14 channel mixer... alphatrack knob 1 controls which channel i am mixing... why not the same in the main mixer?).

Is f this allready exists please tell me how, or else it is a request for functionality from me.

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