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Basic Combinator question


I have a question about the Combinator in Reason 4. I know how to make a combinator and add devices to it from the tool window from scratch.

However I would like to know how to add an existing device outside the Combinator that has a recorded track with it to a new Combinator.

Here is the situation. I have a Redrum track programmed and its been copied to track so there its a track in the Sequencer window. I want a heavier snare sound so I want to add this Redrum track THAT IS ALREADY EXISTING IN MY DEVICES WITH A TRACK ATTACHED to add to a Combinator.

Basically I want to have a 6-1 mixer with two Redrum devices underneath. The first Redrum will drive the second one. I want the two of them to be attached to a 6-1 mixer on top.

The problem is when I try to set up this Combinator device I always get the dreaded External routing message in the Combinator window. I looked up help and it said use shift click but this doesnt help my problem.

Sometimes I dont get the External routing message but then my two Redrums wont connect to the 6-1 Mixer.

So to put this in a nutshell. You have a drum track that you like in a Redrum that you have committed to the Sequencer Window. You want to use this Redrum device and track to power a second Redrum device in a new Combinator because you are looking for a heavier snare or kick or whatever. The problem is your original Redrum is already routed to the main mixer in a mass of wires with loads of other tracks I should add.

How are you to re- route this existing track to a 6-1 mixer in a new Combinator and get it to play the second Redrum device underneath.