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Delete Demo to install Reason?


I was a Reason Adapted (ver. 2.5) for many years. However, I have decided to jump ship from my old DAW and go the Record+Reason+Refills route.

Here's the facts.

I recently got a new macbook pro. I never put my old (ancient) copy of Reason Adapted on it. I did however download the Reason Demo and the Record Demo. Both come with Libraries that are not complete.

This week I ordered the Reason upgrade and the Rhythm Combo refill pack. I couldn't order Record for Reason owners because I hadn't actually registered the upgrade for Reason.

Now then. Here's the question. Would it be a good idea to delete all of the Reason demo stuff on my laptop before I install everything. I'm afraid that I will have demo sound libraries hanging around on my hard disk, so to prevent this I figured I would start from a clean slate. Is this advised or does Reason recognise the fact I already have demo installed.

Anyways, looking forward to it.

Thanks in anticipation