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Installing Reason Drum Kits 2 & Reason Electric Bass Refills

My Copy of Reason and the Rhythm Combo are coming tomorrow (according to UPS) - very excited!

I have a question about the difference between the 16bit and 24bit versions. Now - I am not a pro musician thus was thinking I could get away with installing the 16bit versions. I run a Mac at 2.4GHz machine with 4Gig ram. I intend to run many audio tracks in Record when I get that later this week, too.

I have read a post on this forum complaining about Reason freezing with 24bit refills being used.

Was thinking I could use 16bit refills to sketch out my songs and if I ever wanted to export them as high quality audio tracks could import the 24bit versions? Would this be possible? And which do I install?