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Control Surface setup Reason 4.0

Hi. I was wondering if anyone can advise me on how to correctly setup a control surface in Reason. I am having one or two problems with my setup.

My surface (mackie MCU) is detected in reason 4 without any problem, as is my master keyboard. However, Reason is recognising the control surfcae as the main controller, so when i move a fader on the surface, it sends midi messages and plays a patch in what ever synth is loaded. (i don't want to use it this way) When I select the mixing desk, sure enough the fader moves the corresponding fader on the software. My problem is that I also have a master keyboard I want to play the patches with and simply have the control surface control the fader levels in Reason 4.0

My setp up is like this: Master keyboard connected to software via EMU midi in/out USB connection. Control surface connected two ways (midi in and out) to my interface/soundcard. Soundcard firewired into computer.

So I want to use the keyboard to play the synths, (which I can't get to trigger currently) and the control surface just to act conventionally and control the mixing desk alone. Not have the control surface assign midi messages to the synths via its faders or select buttons etc. I have ben using my master keyboard fine with reason in the past but can't get the two (surface and keyboard) to work together correctly. I have tried altering midi inputs etc. but to no avail. My setup works perfectly in logic, but not in reson 4. Has anyone had a similar experience, or advise me on how to setup correctly inside the software?

Any help much appreciated.