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Subtractor/Audio Channel Help! RECORD

I know I'm gonna feel like an idiot when someone explains this to me, but I can't figure it out........ be easy on me.

Using a Line6 UX8 with Channel 1 being my Line in where I record my Bass and Guitar Tracks. Channels 2-8 are set up as Mic inputs for drums. So I have a song nearly done, but I want to put a little synth on it. I just plug in my KeyRig to my Mac, create a channel on Record, create the subtractor, and record what I need.

The subtractor is there in playback on Record, but there is also a blank audio channel above it. When I export the song the Subtractor is not there. How do I get the Subtractor on the audio channel? That is what I'm assuming will fix the problem. When I try to drag the Subtractor part on the audio is red with black bars on it. Anybody help a brother out? Thanks.