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hmm, if you're right, I hope it won't be the only solution because that means it will depend on having Live running in the background WITH record and reason in order to gain all controls on the APC40. Hopefully its not the case!

The simple thing I'm trying to achieve, is to be able to use ALL of the APC40's buttons, faders, LED buttons and LED knobs.

It's irritating because too many of the buttons doesn't seem to pass through Record / Reason. My current tests so far shows that the following are unresponsive:
-All LEDs buttons in the 8 x 5 grid;
-All scene-launchers;
-All stop clips;
-The stop-all clips;
-Activators / Solo / Record-Arm;
-All Toggle buttons (pan, send-a, send-b, send-c, clip/track, device on/off, <-, ->, detail view, rec quantization, midi overdub, metronome);
-All 3 playback buttons (Play, Stop, Rec);
-Shift button, Bank Selector, Tap Tempo, Nudge -/+;

There is some that I probably overlooked, but thats already too many dead controls to attempt using this for Record / Reason... at least it seems at this time.

Plus, it doesn't seem like Akai made any software tool to modify any of the MIDI functionality. It's understandable, its been built for Ableton Live afterall - but it's a MIDI controller, and it should be generic enough to use it on other audio production softwares.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a solution for this soon.