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I'm jst going to say somwthing so we can keep this thread at the top....I'm sorry to hear that your not liking the apc 40 as much as I am. Like BW max for live will solve (if your up to making it yourself). Go ahead a download the beta version on the site and start playing with it. on the 23rd it's out in stores. There are already patches coming out it you have the beta version of max 5. You can change the way the apc 40 works. They already have a patch that imulates the monome functions (if you have not checked this out you might wish you'd bought this instead, and no I'm not a monome rep.) So I am hoping that because kids are already on the ball that we eventaully will be able to control alot more through the apc....(in the long run I want it to function as my mixer for djing (tractor serato torq) as well as be able to control other programs at the same time. Let me know what you find out cause I'm interested......