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better combinator, harmony tool in the sequencer, markers...


i have few suggestions which i think are both very useful and possible to implement.

- My first suggestion is for a little bigger combinator with eight programmable knobs and eight programmable buttons and with eight audio outputs wich will give better control and the ability to save more self-contained instruments.

- The second one is for some kind of harmony tools. It could be done maybe with the same type of console as the ReGroove Mixer but instead of choosing grooves the user might choose scales. In the sequencer there could be function for choosing chords etc...

- My final suggestion is to have the ability to place some markers in the sequencer and to be able to name them. It would be great if they are "jump" markers and to have the ability to program sequences of jumps (and to control them via midi in real time) and to be able to define repetition for each jump. This way reason will gain the best feature of Ableton Live (the live mode) and the ultra fast sequencer of FL studio.