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Keeping track of used/unused patches

I brought this up originally in a another thread, but it should have been posted here.

I think it would be awesome to at least have this option in Preferences:

A check box for 'Indicate previously loaded patches' or something similar.. basically it means that when you open a patch browser in reason/record, there is some indicator in the patch list of all the patches previously opened.. something simple like italicized font, or greyed out or otherwise colored, whatever.

This is important for the sake of seeing the patches you have yet to access. This would be very helpful for those who have HUGE patch library's & can lose track of what you've heard & not heard. I love to explore my patches & sometimes get that worry that I've heard all this before & that there are folders worth of stuff I just keep missing or forget about, lost track of, etc.

This would be very helpful during searches for inspiration, as I explore my patches.