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Collaboration between Kibeja and Jase

Hi everyone,

Over the last several weeks Chris and I have been working on a piece together - it began when I composed a piece for oboe and orchestra, Chris offered to record a real oboe to replace the sampled oboe. I jumped at the chance and thus began our first collaboration.

I had recently bought 'Record' and this piece became my way of learning the software - indeed, there wasn't much to learn, the work-flow is very similar to 'Reason'.

At first, when I heard Chris' work, I was scared to death - I had to lift my game. My strings were not up to scratch, so I furiously toiled away to match Chris' quality. There was a period I thought I would never make it - but I managed to find something in the end.

I'm very proud of our first collaboration and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you, Chris.

Best regards,